Our Story

    Anya & The Boys was founded by Terry Cruz-Nardo. She was born & raised in Miami , FL, has 3 beautiful children & is married to her high school sweetheart. Terry has always visioned herself owning something of her own, when Anastasia was born, she saw her kids playing at a storefront where parents, family members, including the kids. Will be able to shop around knowing that their kids are safe & entertained with sensory friendly activities, where they will know we will have resources for PPD, anxiety, & Learning Disabilities & where they will feel accepted for who they are no matter what! But most importantly, where you know that the QUALITY of service & products are TOP-NOTCH & nothing short of royalty, Anya & the Boys is curated carefully by Terry, who ensures each order is added that royal touch. Terry strives for growing within herself everyday, sharing stories that could help out others & to be the unique, stubborn, funny, caring, lovable, & trustworthy mother she can be. 

    Welcome to The Royal Family and thank you for shopping at Anya & the Boys!