The Cruz-Nardo Royal Family

Anya & the Boys was founded with the vision and goal to bring quality products to families without breaking the bank. Queen T decided to embark on this new journey with her royal family, known as The Cruz-Nardo Royal Family. The Royal party of 5 included Queen T, King S, Prince Marcus & Mateo, & their little, Princess Anastasia, along with their 2 rumbustious yet tender pups, Stella & Whiskey! When Queen T embarked on this new adventure, the royal family knew it would not be an easy task. But they were optimistic!

After working full-time for 5 years, covid-19 pandemic, being stuck working from home while being glues to her lovely kid is when Queen T envisioned a soon enough small store front where no parent, no child, no one, would feel left out, where parents will be able to shop and kids can play, a royal party! But most importantly, where you know that the QUALITY of service & products are TOP-NOTCH & nothing short of royalty, Anya & the Boys is curated carefully by Queen T who ensures each order is added that royal touch.

Welcome to The Royal Family and thank you for shopping at Anya & the Boys!